Welcome to My World

My name is Flame, and I write erotic romance. Not erotica. Erotic romance.

What’s the difference, you’re probably wondering. I write sexy novels with a high heat level. Novels with a plot, not just stories about characters ripping off each other’s clothes and hopping into bed. My characters have goals, my characters arc, and the story comes to a satisfying conclusion when my hero gets the heroine for keeps.

At a recent meeting of writers another author asked, “How did you choose to write erotic romance?” and I explained that I was tired of toning down my love scenes for traditional romance publishers. I write hot. I judge books by the squirm factor, meaning if I can sit still while reading the love scene, the author hasn’t done his/her best work, in my humble opinion.

That’s not to say I read erotica. I don’t. Too much gratuitous sex douses in me the lusty flame the author  works so hard to ignite. Tossing raunchy names for body parts into a love scene makes me cringe, however I think healthy lust described in painstaking detail is a real turn on.

You’ll have to wait until Evernight Publishing releases Christmas Eve  to see if my writing stirs your pot, but do come back here as often as you like to see if I’ve written anything else to light your fire.

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